Care Plan

How we provide our services, your care and support plan

If you have a community care and support plan from your local authority, we will ask your permission to see this, so that we know more about the type of care and support you may need.

Our management team will arrange to visit you at home to explain our service and to agree on how you would like your care and support provided. The manager will discuss any risks with you and decide what action needs to be taken to keep people safe. We will record this in your personal care and support plan, a copy of which will be made available to you in your home.

We will only begin service after you, or your legal representative has given written consent to the care and support plan. On rare occasions, we may need to provide a service to meet an emergency situation. In these cases, we will send either a supervisor or other competent person to carry out an initial risk assessment and to provide your care and support. We will complete the full risk assessments and care and support plan within 2 days of your service commencing.

Changing your care and support plan

We regularly review your care and support plan by talking to you about what is working well and what you may wish to change. This usually happens every six months but maybe sooner if needed. Our care assistants are only allowed to follow the instructions in the care plan. They cannot carry out any other tasks. If you would like to change your care and support plan, please contact our office on 01493 719010  and a member of our team will visit you.

Your Care Assistant

Wherever possible, we will introduce your care assistant(s) to you prior to your service beginning. The care assistant(s) will know about your care and support plan. At the end of each visit, they will record what care and support they have given you either via an electronic care planning system or via your care and support plan folder. If you are not satisfied, then you can let us know and we will discuss this with you. If necessary, we will make alternate arrangements for you.

All care assistants have an identity badge which they must show you so that you can confirm who they are.

What happens when your care assistant is away from work?

You can rely on our services. We will endeavor to keep the number of care assistants who visit you to an absolute minimum so that you do not see too many different faces. The care assistant who is coming to visit you will always introduce themselves and they will have been briefed so that you do not need to explain their tasks.

We have enough team members to cover the times when your usual care team are away. All of our team are full employees of WSB Care and are all trained to the same high standards.

Timing of Visits

Care visit times are approximate and may vary up to 30 minutes either side of the normal visit time. If your care assistant does not arrive at the expected time, please allow at least 30 minutes for traffic hold-ups etc. If he/she has not arrived after that time please telephone us on 01493 719010 so that we can check what has happened and the safety of the care assistant.


If there is no electronic call monitoring system in place, then after each visit the care assistant will ask you to sign a timesheet. If you are unable to sign your name, we will make special arrangements for you.